My baby car is dead….

The check engine light has been on for over a year now, and I’ve taken it in to get it checked out and was told that in order to make the check engine light go away I had to replace the engine itself, no thanks.

Yesterday I had a really hard time starting my car, and this morning while I was driving to work it had a hard time accelerating. I was scared that by the afternoon it wouldn’t work at all and I would get stuck at work! 😦 On my way home from work it started shaking violently every time I tried to accelerate. I said to myself if I can make it all the way home, I was done driving my baby car. I think we are going to donate it to the salvation army… does anyone know if they will take a car with the check engine light on? Kirstie says they will take it and either use the parts, scrap the metal, or fix it up and sell it. All I know is that my inspection is due in April and I need to renew my registration, so I think its a good thing it died before I spent the money to do all of that.

Daily Chobani Update

Today I tried the pineapple: Amazing! There were little chunks of pineapple on the bottom, Yum!

Dinner tonight was a yummy sandwich, which was hand-made by my uncle:

And my pictures of the day are adorable, my baby sister passed out on the couch in the basement and Ella laying limply on her bed:

Haha, I love it! Well folks that’s all for today! Hope everyone had a great day!

5 thoughts on “My baby car is dead….

  1. Dorsa says:

    Thanks Katie for the info. I think I will donate it to cars for us troops. It makes me sad to think about donating it.Yay meg!!! That's awesome, I already stalked your blog hehe I love it! Can't wait to read more!


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