Still trying to “Build a better” me

Round 3 results are in for our work challenge:

In all of Bechtel:

Steps: 41 out of 605 –> Up 7 spots

Exercise minutes: 116 out of 669 –> up 7 spots

Weight Loss: 218 out of 491 –> down 27 spots (not good)

In BSII (our group):

Steps: 8 out of 113 –> Up 1 spot

Exercise minutes: 28 out of 131 –> no change

Weight Loss: 66 out of 101 –> down 13 spots (not good)

I am really hoping to step up the competition for the last three weeks so that we can have a good shot at being #1 in Steps on BSII.

Today’s Cho-nola was Strawberry-banana flavored:

I promise I won’t repeat flavors on my blog, I will only tell you about the new flavors or new ways to use Chobani Yogurt. I plan on using the plain Chobani yogurt as a salad dressing, my blog friend Colleen uses Chobani and mixes it with jam or jelly to make a dressing for her salads sometimes, so I thought I would give it a try next week.

Here it is, my Best of Clean Eating cookbook:

I cannot wait to start making the meals in this book, they look absolutely amazing. I will be starting either this weekend or early next week. I haven’t been planning meals for the weekends because we are usually out doing things and we just grab something to eat. I think this is a horrible habit because #1 we spend unnecessary money and #2 fast food is obviously horrible for you, so I think starting this weekend I will plan meals for everyday of the week. Look for a new recipe on Friday, and if the meals are good I will put them a link to the recipes in my “Do it Again Meals” tab above.

Tonight we went to Mike’s American Grill for dinner, since it was the last night my family will be here from Iran (they leave Thursday night) *sadface*. I got the Fillet Mignon with Redskin Mashed Potatoes.. mm mm mm heaven! My day 30 picture is of my lovely family, I am going to miss my aunt, uncle and cousin,(my uncle is not in this picture though) : Well folks that is all for tonight! Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!

One thought on “Still trying to “Build a better” me

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