Driving with the windows down…

is the BEST thing ever! Days like this I don’t mind my commute, I know can you believe those words actually came out of my mouth!?  It was a bit windy today but I had all my windows down and my sunroof open.  I tried to take a picture of the sky looking through my sunroof but that didn’t work, (obviously while at a stop light). 

The weather was fabulous, and we wanted to take Ella for a walk before we did our workout but we had some car problems (I will tell you about them tomorrow).  We did our first day of our modified P90x, I had Core Synergistics, and Erik and Chest & Back, we both felt sick and out of shape, but we were happy to start back up.  I know that we will be back in the swing of things with the next few workouts.
Tonight’s dinner was homemade tacos!

(Ground beef, cheese, black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, Costo’s Organic Salsa) YUM.  I had two and the leftovers I will make a taco salad for tomorrow’s lunch! 

Well it’s time for us to watch “The Event”. Have a nice night!


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