Picture Fail, but workout success!

I broke my picture a day challenge *sadface*, but I have a good excuse. It all began at lunchtime, when I decided that I wanted a slice of Costco pizza, if you have ever had one you know how amazing they are.  Needless to say because we have been “eating clean” for the past week, I did not feel well after the pizza.  When I got home I had no desire to cook the dinner I had planned on making, and we had enough leftovers in the fridge so that Erik could have something for dinner, so instead Erik and I took Ella and went for a run.  We ran a mile, then came home and did our P90x Shoulders & Arms plus Ab Ripper workout! It felt awesome, hopefully we can do that again tomorrow.
After our workout I still wasn’t in the mood for anything fancy so I made some Turkey sandwiches for both of us and that is what we had for dinner.  I should have taken a picture of it, because it was a pretty sandwich, oh well.
Well folks that is all for today. I hope everyone has a nice night!


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