Good Stuff Eatery is Amazing!

We met our friends Philippe and Oriana this morning in Eastern Market.  We loaded up Erik’s car with Ella and her bed, and headed into the city.  It wasn’t a very sunny day to go walking around DC but we knew it would be less crowded and it wasn’t raining so what the heck!  Philippe and Oriana recommended we go to a place called “The Good Stuff Eatery”, and it did NOT disappoint!

 I love burgers, they are another one of my food weaknesses, and this place had one of the most delicious burgers I have ever had.  I should have taken a picture of the line that formed outside of the place, it was ridiculous.  But we soon found out why people were willing to wait in line.  They had some really yummy mayo dips for the fries, oh my goodness, seriously if you have never been you must go!  We walked around eastern market a little more before heading home, this was Ella in the back of the car while we were driving home:

I think we wore her out! haha. The burger and fries were so filling I skipped out on dinner! Erik had some Cho-nola 🙂 
Well folks I hope everyone had a great Saturday see you guys tomorrow!


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