Sports filled Sunday

This morning I went to Ride Aid and bought a Sunday edition of the Washington Post.  After talking endlessly with my friend Kirstie, I am going to take some lessons in couponing.  Just looking through the coupon inserts of the Washington Post, made me realize that I have really been throwing money away.  There are coupons in there for virtually everything I buy, its unbelievable. With Kirstie and the help of this blog called, I will be starting my money saving.  I am pretty excited because I love saving money, and I consider finding deals a bit of a hobby. This is my coupon baggie, until I make it over to target to get a coupon organizer.

I ordered the Sunday Edition of the Washington post for home delivery, although in order to get some of the deals you need 3 or 4 copies of the post, we will see what happens.  After my coupon clipping it was already time for lunch, and this is the masterpiece I created:

I personally think it looks like a Panini from Corner Bakery or Panera, but nope I made it myself, and it was in fact even more delicious than it looked. Turkey, fresh mozzarella cheese, spinach, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes on Panini bread from Trader Joe’s. YUM

After lunch and much confusion we went to our last football practice before the season opener next week.  We played a little 4 on 4, and it was a really good practice, despite the number of people.  After practice, Erik and I made a trip to Home depot and bought mulch and flowers!

While we were getting ready to drop the van off at Erik’s parents house, Erik lost his wedding ring! He was going to close the van door and it flung off! I told him to go drop off the car and I would stay back and look for it.  I raked the front yard for about an hour and I couldn’t find it, we were both so upset, but as I was walking to put the rake back I spotted it!!! I guess my raking really did work! WHEW!  We had our usual Chicken Nugget Tortellini for dinner, then headed off to our softball games!  We won both games 11-4 and 14-11, I love softball!!!!!!!!!

Well I am off to bed! 


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