Spaghetti and wine with friends!

Sean and Brandy invited us over for spaghetti dinner tonight and it was delish! Before we went over there Brandy calls me on my drive home to let me know that there was a shooter on the loose around their neighborhood!  Apparently this guy had gone into his former place of employment and shot and killed a few people 😦 , then drove off and ended up in their area.  Brandy said there were cops and helicopters everywhere, and that they hadn’t caught the guy yet, but when we drove into the area all the police activity was gone.  We later found out that he walked into the police station and turned himself in, whew!
We had a great time, chatting, eating and drinking wine.  We played a wine game, where we had four bottles of wine and ranked them in two categories. First we ranked them, based on which one we thought tasted the best, then which one we thought was the most expensive. The last time we played the cheapest bottle was the most popular, it was similar this time.
Well folks its bedtime! Talk to you guys tomorrow!


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