Why does it always rain on the weekends?!

Has anyone ever noticed that the weather is really nice during the week when you are stuck in your office at your cube, but when it comes time for the weekend it rains?! Ugh it really isn’t fair.

Because it was so nasty out we slept in until around 11!!! It felt very nice, and we didn’t feel like we wasted the whole day, so I guess the rain is good for something.  After we got up we went to Sweetwater Tavern with Melissa and a few of her friends.  I got a yummy cheeseburger and Erik got the pulled pork.  Has anyone ever had the pulled pork sandwich at Sweetwater?! OMG I didn’t even know it existed, it was amazing! This afternoon I am going to Alaina’s bridal shower and her bachelorette party, I am so excited.  Richie and Alaina are getting married in a few weeks!  Richie and I have been friends since FIRST grade!, can you believe it!?  We both went to Virginia Tech, which is where he met Alaina, and I love her, they are perfect for each other!  The wedding is going to be epic!!!! 

Well I am off to hang out with my ladies! I hope everyone has a great rainy Saturday!


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