Bachelorette Parties are Fun!

Look at how cute she is!  This is my friend Alaina, and this is how we dressed her up for her party!  We had a really great time, I was able to meet her sister and her best friend, and they are awesome! This party further confirmed my prediction that their wedding is going to be epic!  We had dinner at a place called Matchbox, in Chinatown.  Has anyone ever been there? They have some amazing pizza!  If you haven’t gone there I suggest you go!

Today we took Ella to the doggie park, and she was so freaking cute.  She ran around for like hour and eventually her legs started to get wobbly so we took her home.  The dog park was packed!  After the doggie park we went back to our house and I made some yummy Panini’s before we headed over to Sunny and Diana’s house.  Erik and Sunny went to the driving range to hit golf balls while I helped Diana in her backyard.  And when I say helped I mean I stood around and watched her work, then spread some flower seeds in her garden.  I had planned on going to the driving range but when we got to Sunny and Diana’s, I noticed Diana wasn’t going to go with us so I wanted to stay and hang out with her, aka I was not dressed to get muddy in the garden.  So I did what I could and we yakked a lot about various things 🙂  It was a fun afternoon.

After we left Sunny and Diana’s, Erik and I had a terrible moment of weakness!  We went to McDonalds’ and got chicken nuggets and french fries.  Darn it, they were good! haha. We knew that we had softball games afterwards so we were too upset about shoveling fatty foods into our bellies.  We won both of our games, which was a feat, because we were down in both games.  But we came back, they weren’t the prettiest games, but a win is a win!

Alright folks that is all for today! Hope everyone had a great night!


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