Yet Another Rainy Saturday!

ugh, I am sick of rainy Saturdays!  Our football game was canceled again this week due to the rain we got last night.  I guess it didn’t rain all day, but still, it was wet.  We spent the morning cleaning the house, which was much needed. I finished the laundry and we went to the gym! 

Hyojon had mentioned he could get us a free weeks pass to his gym, so we took him up on the offer and headed to the gym.  It made me realize how much I really do miss having a gym membership.  I love P90x, don’t get me wrong, but I think I needed the push of an actual person to motivate me.  I started out with a 15 minute warm up on the elliptical, then headed over to the studio for Body Pump class.  It was a fantastic workout.  I think my body was ready for me to mix up my workout a bit.  I know I will be feeling this class for a few days.  We have been talking about getting a gym membership again, and are trying to get a family plan with Sunny and Diana.  The best part about Gold’s Gym is that because they are so huge, you can go to any gym within a certain radius around your “home gym”, I think its around 50 miles.  ANNNDDD the classes are included in your membership, love!

After the gym, we had lunch:


and Erik washed both of our cars :), and Lauren came over to watch the CAPS game!  They won, and it was an awesome game to watch!  Sunny, Diana and Anya also came over and we made burgers and hot dogs for dinner.  Diana called my burgers “crack burgers” haha. They are really yummy, but most of the credit has to go to Erik for the way he cooks them. YUM!  I made some homemade french fries, that did not turn out too yummy, but we ate them anyway, obvi.   The rest of the evening was filled with laughter and some silly dancing! I love our family!

Well I hope everyone had a great night!

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