Summer is here??

Mother nature is really throwing me a curveball.  I am not 100% complaining but I would really like to have a couple of months of spring weather with no humidity.  It was really really nice today, I wish I didn’t have to sit at a cube inside all day.  It was a bit too hot to drive home with the windows open *sad face* but I got to talk to my bestest friend Bethany on the phone on my drive home, so it wasn’t all too bad :). 

Today during lunch Kirstie and I went to Super Fresh, and got a sweet B1G1 free deal on 93% fat free ground beef. I got 7 lbs of beef for $18, sweeeet.  I might go back later this week to get more.
Tonight’s dinner was nice and light:

 Lemon & Pepper chicken, Rice, and veggies.

The chicken was perfectly cooked, as usual, and had a lovely lemon pepper taste.  Before dinner I did the P90x Legs & Back routine, and Erik did the Chest & Back routine. I will be sore tomorrow! 

Well we are going to watch The Event! Hope everyone has a great night!

Has anyone found any good coupon deals this week? (Brenda? anything?!

2 thoughts on “Summer is here??

  1. Brenda says:

    Nom nom dinner! I already hit up rite aid:4 thermacare heat wraps, 4 twix bars (baaaaad idea hahah), listerine (we were out, hope to stockpile when its lower but still a pretty good deal 3.99), veet wax strips. All for 5.44.Could have gotten more twix for free but really don't need them. I made a slip up, and didn't bring in my whole binder and could have used a $3 off $15 survey coupon 😦 also forgot to print an extra $1 off veet video rewards And I didn't read the fine print on a separate coupon for veet. Boo still not bad if I can straighten it all out. I fought a pee lie $4 off blink drops and got a $4 money maker as well as dove antiperspirant for free at cvs on Sunday.I think I'll hit up cvs once more for razors and safe way for free nivea chapstick. Maybe even target for mio have $2 off.Can't wait to see how you do!!

  2. Dorsa says:

    niiice finds Brenda. I think I need to hit up cvs. There wasn't really anything I wanted this week, but you have inspired me to get out there and get something good!I did see the free nivea chapstick, that stuff is amazing!


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