Free Nats game!

 This is a view from our seats without zoom! Yes we were that close, and the tickets were free!  Erik got them from someone at work, and we had a great time!  Here are some more pictures from our seats:

It rained a bit but not too much that we had to leave our seats.  Well actually, the guys got up to get more beer while I stayed in our seats, and while they were gone it rained a bit.  And of course as soon as they got back the rained had stopped completely! haha.

These are pictures of the President’s Race! Ah their heads are so large haha

Unfortunately they gave up 4 runs in the 9th inning and lost the game 😦  Still, it was a really great night!

I am off to bed!

Question:  What is your favorite sport to watch, and have you ever gotten really good seats?


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