Wine and Coffee Bar, in the same building? Awesome!

Last night I went over to my friend Alaina’s apartment to go over a few of her wedding details (YAY)!  Afterwards we met up with my sister(-in-law) Lauren, and walked over to Northside Social, which is a coffee shop downstairs and a really cool wine bar upstairs.

We hadn’t eaten yet so we decided to order their special, Pulled Pork sandwich with chips.



oh my goodness those sandwiches were amazing.  Whoever thought to put white cheddar cheese on a pulled pork sandwich and press it was a genius, please hand him/her a medal. The three of us shared a bottle of wine, (which was meh just alright), then headed over to Firefly, where we were introduced to the most amazing dessert ever created!


They put cookie dough in a ramekin, and put it into the broiler so that just the top, sides and bottom are cooked, and top it with some vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup! Wow, really? I am so sad I never knew this existed.  If you haven’t tried it, I urge you to head over to FireFly in Arlington and give it a taste.  Alaina admitted she had gone to FireFly on Thursday and had already had that dessert, so she tried something new.


It was some sort of chocolate cheesecake, it was good, but not up to the caliber of the cookie dough. mmmm. I think I had a dream about it last night 🙂

This is what I did this morning:

Erik was away at Richie’s bachelor party so I took that opportunity to sit outside with my coffee and coupon! I will have more updates from today’s events tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Question: What is your favorite dessert, and where is it from?


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