Two hand touch football is more dangerous than you think!

So, we had a football game yesterday afternoon.  I was nervous/excited about the game.  I am super competitive, so I really wanted to win.  We came out strong, scored a touchdown on our very first drive, things were looking good.  And that is were everything really started falling apart, don’t get me wrong, we played a good game, but we lost.  Sometime during the game, I don’t really remember when, a guy on the other team went up to catch the ball and had his back turned towards Diana, while Diana had her arms stretched out to down him.  Well what Diana didn’t know was that another guy on our team, James, was also going after the guy, long story short the guy ran into Diana and bent her wrist back. *sadface*

I took one look at her wrist and had a feeling it was broken, I just don’t think her hand would have puffed up like a balloon if it was just sprained.  Needless to say, she had to sit out for the remainder of the game *sadface*.  I went in for her when our team was on defense, and everything was going well until I lifted my leg and took a step and felt my hamstring “pop”.  Oh man it was painful, I also had to come out of the game *sadface*.  Diana ended up going to the ER to get her wrist checked out and found out that it was indeed broken *double sadface*, and she will have to have a cast on for 6-8 weeks.  We are hoping that she will be able to come into the game and play defense, but I am not sure that is a good idea. 

A doctor friend of ours took a look at my leg and told me that I either pulled the muscle or partially tore it, but he did say that I did not tear the tendon (whew).  I probably won’t be able to play this weekend, so personally I am hoping for rain, maybe we can use that time to practice a bit more, who knows.  We did learn a lot from our first game, and I think we will be ready to come out and win a lot if not all of our games this season!

Because of my injury I did not get to play in any of our softball games today :(.  I heard we lost all 4 games *ugh*.  Well I am going to relax on the couch like Ella:

I hope everyone has great Sunday!


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