Stolen Pizza!

Ladies and Gentlemen, today someone stole my pizza from my desk at work.

My friend Sundeep, was kind enough to save me 2 pieces while I was out couponing, and when I got back I asked him if he saved me pizza and he said, “maaayyybe”, which means yes, obvi. So I walked over to my desk and there was nothing there, I went back to his cube and asked him where he put it, and he said right on your desk.  Obviously someone had stolen my pizza right off of my desk. 

I just don’t understand what kind of person does that.  I haven’t been picked on like this since elementary school and let me tell you, it didn’t feel good then and it doesn’t feel good now.  I know it was directed at me personally, because another guy at work had someone put pizza on his desk, and no one took his pizza. *hmph*

Well I did go couponing at CVS today, and it was a great couponing day, I also went to walmart and couponed there, but I will have to tell you about both trips tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a better day than I did!


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