Only 1 more Friday off.. eeek…

This picture was from yesterday’s lunch.  The engineering group supervisor was in town all week and he took us all out to Tendo Chinese Buffet for lunch.  First of all I would like someone to please stop me from ever going into a buffet again, seriously, as if I don’t have enough self control issues, you put an unlimited supply of yummy Chinese food in front of me and expect me to moderate?!  Well I guess there really isn’t a second of all, but you get the idea, buffets are delicious but deadly.

This morning I did all of the laundry while I studied some Java and Mandarax, for my new job.  I know I have a lot to learn and I want to do everything I can to prepare for my first day of work!  After the laundry was done, I decided to run a few errands, the first of which being grocery shopping at Giant.  I got my coupons and my list together and I headed out to the store.  Side note: if you remember we are trying to train Ella so that we can leave her outside of her crate while we are at work, well we have started to leave her out of her crate when we run quick errands, so I did that this time.  When I got back this is what I came home to:

I clearly did not properly Ella-proof the house, because she found the pen I left on the dinning room table while I was studying, and chewed it up on our rug!  Oh boy did she get in trouble.  I yelled at her and made her go outside while I cleaned up the pen stain.  With the stain all cleaned up, I started to make my pasta salad for our friend Hyojon’s birthday party.  I forgot to take a picture of it, it didn’t look that yummy, but it was ok, not my best work *sadface*.  I put the pasta salad in the fridge, and headed out to DSW to get myself a new pair of Sperry’s. I have had the same pair for about 4 or 5 years so it was really time to get new ones, and I had a coupon!


Aren’t they cute?!  I love them!  The rule in our house is, if you buy a pair of shoes you have to throw an old pair away, this was easy because I just threw away my old pair.  It works the same way with clothes, but we donate our clothes to good will, so we have a bag we put our clothes in. 

Later, after Erik got home from work, we headed over to our friend Hyojon’s house for his party!  We had a great time!  Well that is all for tonight, I hope everyday had a great Friday!


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