Happy Birthday to the best mother in law!

Today is my mother in law’s birthday! YAY! I am so lucky to have such a great mother in law, really I am. We had our football game this afternoon, and we WON, aannnd I got to play!  I did pop my hamstring again in one of the first plays of the game, but I went back in and played.  I even caught a touchdown, I was so happy, although I could have had two, if my hamstring would have cooperated.  I have 2 weeks to rest it, so hopefully it will be 100% in June. 

After our game, we headed to Front Page in Arlington (the football league sponsor bar) for a free pitcher.  We hung around with our team for a little while before heading home to get ready for birthday dinner!  We went over to my in-law’s house where Sunny and Diana made a really yummy Korean dinner, consisting of Chop Che and Spicy Pork! YUM. 

Anya got a yummy little pastry for the birthday lady!

Oh man it was so fantastic, it was some sort of raspberry, cheesecakey thing.  yum yum yum.  We were going to go out with a few friends to celebrate my new job, but it started storming so we decided to stay in and watch home movies.  I love seeing Erik, Lauren, Diana, and Anya as little kids/babies.  *super happyface*.  Some of the things they did were so hilarious, I loved it.  We finished watched two of the 6 DVDs before we decided to call it a night, good times.

Well I am off to bed now, I hope everyone had a great Saturday!


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