Target-1, Us-0

Well we talked a big game yesterday about the deals at Target but alas we lost.  I guess it wasn’t a complete loss because I did manage to save a bit of money, but the crazy coupon people had already basically cleaned out all of the good deals.  Seriously, it is getting ridiculous, is it necessary to clean out a store of all of their Neiva Body lotion?!  I think NOT. ugh! I did manage to snag a few good deals:

I got around $14 worth of stuff for $6, not too shabby, ugh but it could have been grand!  I did get a coupon related injury while at Target:


I don’t know what it was from, but in our frantic dashing through Target I scratched my arm on something, oh yea and it was pouring down rain when we walked out, awesome.  Target you win this round!!!

Dinner was the thing that turned my day around! Tonight on the menu was a classic and Erik’s favorite, breakfast for dinner!  mmm mmm mm we both love it so much. Erik had the waffles, and I of course had the egg sandwich!


Yum, I think if we could we would eat breakfast for dinner every night.

Well folks that is all for today! I hope everyone had a great night.


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