Jimmy John’s saves the day!

Last week my friend Sundeep texted me on my drive home to inform me that the new Red Robin was open in Frederick. So we had decided to go today for lunch, so all weekend I was looking forward to a delish burger, bottomless fries, and a tower of onion rings. Well folks, the healthy food Gods had a different plan because as we walked up to RR there was a sign that said that it wouldn’t be open until Monday May 30. WHATTTT?!?! You can imagine our disappointment! After I picked my jaw up from the ground we decided we would go to Jimmy John’s, surely the giant pickle will make us happier.

And it did, just look at that pickle, YUM! Oh man thank you food Gods for making us go to Jimmy John’s. I had a beach club (Fresh baked turkey breast, provolone cheese, avocado spread, sliced cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

I think they went a little crazy with the sprouts but it was so good, next time I will ask them to hold the mayo to make the sandwich healthier. I am a sucker for avocados and cucumbers on my sandwich, they make it taste so crispy and fresh. I think I will buy some sprouts and cucumbers this week at Giant for my sandwiches next week.

Dinner tonight was supposed to be Honey Ginger Chicken, but neither of us were in the mood to cook so we were really really bad and went to McDonald’s. The worst part was that the food was not even good, that is what we get for being bad. We need to get back into the swing of healthier living, or this could get bad real quick.

Well folks, there are some big finalies on tv tonight so we must go watch! I can’t wait to see how this season of House ends!!

Have a great night!


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