They took my baby car :(

Hello blog friends!  Today was my last Friday off. I start my new job on Tuesday and I will be working everyday, I am ok with that :).  This morning I threw in the laundry, we had tons of it, and then took Ella for a run.  Today I did about 1.33 miles, not a great improvement from yesterday but I am still making progress. After my run  I had a 15 minute Ab Ripper X date with Tony Horton and his friends:

While Ella took a little nap:

I then had a dentist appointment, ew, and headed home to wait for the tow truck people to come pick up my baby car.  They got to our house a little after 1 *SADFACE*, and they took my car away.  This was a very bittersweet moment for me, because I know I donated it to a good cause, and someone will get use out of it, but it was my very first car.  My parents bought it for me on my 16th birthday, and my dad was so happy to give it to me, it is and always will be a very special car.  This knocks off # 24 of my 101 in 1001.

I went shopping with my mother in law for a little while to get stuff for our BBQ, then came home and did some work until Erik came home.  We left to visit our friends, who just had a baby, and held the baby and played with their other 2 boys while they ate dinner.  We were very happy we could do that for them :).

Diana invited us over for a little wine and cheese dinner:

It was supper yummy :).  I can’t wait to do it again, I think it is a really nice summer-y thing to do. loooves it!  After dinner we finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  I really liked it, I didn’t like how it ended, but I won’t discuss it here in case other people have not seen it yet.  I can’t wait for part 2 to come out!

Well folks its time for me to go, I hope everyone had a great Friday night!

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