Lunch with mommies are the BEST!

I went to lunch with my mommy again today 🙂 We went to a place called Mama Wok, and it was super yummy. I got this fortune in my cookie today,

Which I think is quite fitting, since I started a new job that is going to be a great challenge. My mom’s fortune said, “You look happy and proud.” Hehe we both thought it was cute.

I got to head out of work early because there was no one in the office, and I knew I would be doing some work over the weekend. So my boss said I could go home and enjoy the weather! Yippie! I had to go to Costco to get a few things, and I won’t even talk about the crazy membership fiasco I had to deal with. Let’s just say it wasn’t the way I wanted to start the weekend, but it is a beautiful day and its FRIDAY!

After I got home I took Ella for a mile run. I don’t know what it is about running outside that makes me more tired than running on the treadmill. Perhaps it could be that I run faster outside? Next time I will time myself to see how long it takes me to run a mile outside, and compare it.

Later, Erik and I headed to Sunny and Diana’s house to pick them up and head to Z burger for dinner, super YUM! It was our last Z burger living social coupon *sad face*, but that means that there are plenty of yummy pictures. Erik had to remind me to take the pictures, but I took them anyway!

Erik’s burger
My burger

Shared Fries

Mmmm, are you hungry yet?

Well folks that is all for tonight, I hope everyone had a great Friday!


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