Softball saves the sports weekend!

Hello blog friends! We had two softball games today, and we won both of them!! Erik had some sweet hits and ran around the bases like a gazelle! My sister even got a hit! I also got to hit, our friend Kave wrapped my hand up so that I could hit, it still probably wasn’t a good idea but I wanted/needed to play so I sucked it up.  I will probably pay for it tomorrow, but hey I love softball.
I got some sweet deals at Rite Aid today!  I got some John Frieda Root awakening stuff that I gave to my mom, and made $5 off of it, aka it was $5 and I used a $5 off coupon and at the end of the month I will get a $5 single check rebate from Rite Aid! Woot!  I also got some Blink Eye drops for free, same deal with the single check rebate, and 3 4-packs of high protein Ensure (Erik likes to drink those instead of yucky protein shakes) for $3.99 each. It was a pretty sweet deal considering they are originally $10 each 4-pack! I will hit up CVS sometime later this week, just to get some cheapo body wash again. There weren’t that many great deals this week, in my opinion, but I might have to look over them again just to make sure.
Before softball Erik and I went to the gym! I was watching the NCAA softball world series while I was on the elliptical for 3.31 miles, and on the treadmill for a mile. Not too shabby.  I did a few abs then we headed to Giant to get some shopping done for the week. We have some pretty yummy meals planned for this week; Erik helped me plan our meals this week.  I think that is going to turn into a regular thing, because he really picks some yummy things.
Dinner tonight was a Hodgepodge of things.  Erik had a Trader Joe’s Chicken Chow Mein, my sister (who came over to hang out and play softball with us) had chicken nuggets, and I had a Mango Chobani with some granola! This was my first Chobani in weeks, and it was oh so good!
Alright folks I am off to bed! I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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