Mumford & Sons Concert!

Hey guys! This week was not a good week to start my new workout plan.  When I decided I was going to do it, I thought ok I will only miss one day of working out because of the concert, but now I have missed two.  But you know what I am ok with it, I love hanging out with my friends and my hubby, and I won’t let working out run my life.
So on that note, I didn’t have time to go to the gym this morning because I had to take Ella to my mom’s house.  They watched her for the night while we were at the concert.  I swear having a dog must be similar to having a kid; it takes us so much longer to pack up her stuff and move her around.  We decided we need to get another crate and leave it at my mom’s house.  Poor baby Ella!
I forgot to mention yesterday that Katie is making a 101 in 1001 list too! Actually my other friend Erin, who will start her blog soon, has also made one! I love lists, and I think I convinced Erik to make his own 101 list! I encourage everyone to make one!  I did change a few things on mine, as I was listening to Katie’s list and reading Erin’s I realized there were a few other things I want on my list.  I got rid of a few things, which I thought were just fillers I had put on my list at the time, so check out my updated 101 in 1001.
Lunch today was the same Sammy as yesterday, but this time I managed to take a picture of the whole thing before I ate it:
I am disappointed to say that we couldn’t cook tonight and but we got Grilled Stuft Burritos at Taco bell before the concert which was awweeesome.
Lauren and I drove up to Rockville to meet up with Erik then we drove about 45 min to Columbia, MD to go to the MUMFORD & SON’s concert at Meriwether Post Pavilion!!!!  The concert was amazing; Patti, Kristy, Ramsey and their other roommate Katie were there too! Ahh it was so much fun!
We had a tiny blanket and all six of us were sitting on it, haha.  Before Mumford and Sons came on it starting to downpour, and when I say downpour, it came down for about 45 min with crazy scary lightening and we all just stood there out on the lawn and danced around.  Well technically we were playing in the rain, and I am totally counting this as # 87 because it was fantastic.  20 minutes into the thunderstorm, it started to hail!!!!! That was the most painful part, that and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees in 10 minutes.  This is what we looked like after the storm:
Haha, we look amazing! We has such a great time, and for standing out in the storm we each got a free beer:

WOOT!  It did eventually stop raining and we stood out and enjoyed a fantastic concert.  If you have a chance to go see Mumford & Sons in concert I HIGHLY recommend it!  The pictures I took were not that great but here they are anyway, enjoy! I hope everyone had a safe and dry night!

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