Bridesmaids is the best movie EVER!

Seriously, if you have not seen it yet please do yourselves a favor and go see it!  I had tears in my eyes the entire movie.  I almost peed in my pants in every scene! Oh dear it was funny, I will be purchasing that movie once it comes out to DVD.

Breakfast this morning was homemade waffles!

We havenโ€™t had waffles in a while, because I kept forgetting to buy yogurt, but we had some this week! YAY. We also had some leftover blueberries from our turkey burgers so we put those on our waffles too!  We didnโ€™t have time to eat lunch before our football game, so after the game we went to Front Page and Erik had a Heidenburger, and I had a Turkey sandwich, no pictures, sorry.  We lost our game again this week, but we had a lot of fun and everyone really played well.  Hopefully we can take that positive momentum into the next game and WIN!
Alright folks, that is all for tonight, I know this was a fairly short post for me, but I am very tired!!

2 thoughts on “Bridesmaids is the best movie EVER!

  1. Dorsa says:

    So when we do finally come down to see you guys, lets either go see it, if its still in theaters, or lets buy it and watch it….twice…..ah there are so many jokes I wanna say right now.. haha..


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