Back in Action, shall we try this again?!

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up to birds chirping outside your window, the sun shining on your face and a slight breeze blowing through your hair! Ah I love these types of mornings, and they usually only happen on the weekends, but this was a treat!  Erik wakes up earlier than I do, so he opened all the windows in our house while he was getting ready for work. It was a great way to wake up!
After I made lunches, I headed to the gym for a nice 3.2 mile Elliptical (ride, I guess that is what you call it).  I decided against the mile run this morning because my muscles were very stiff so instead I stretched for about 10 minutes, and it felt really good.  My workout this afternoon was Core Synergistics again, which is my favorite workout, and it felt so good!
Lunch today was boring, we didn’t have any cucumbers, or lettuce left so I had a boring turkey, cheese and tomato sandwich. I was hoping to go to the store today after work, but it was such a nice day, I wanted to go home and play with Ella, she was obviously happy about this decision, Ha!
At the pool on Sunday, Diana gave me the first book of The Hunger Games Series, and I read that during my lunch break.  Oh man I am only 50 pages into the book and I can’t really put it down.  I put up a new tab of the books on my reading list, if anyone has any suggestions as to other books I should read please let me know! I love reading, especially in the summer by the pool! I have only read 3 books this year so far, and I really need to pick it up if I am going to read 11 books this year! I can do it!
Dinner tonight was really good:
I was going to make a special couscous recipe but I realized that I had bought the wrong type of couscous so I just made it as a side, and Erik spiced up the chicken and grilled it.  My piece of corn was horrible, the kernels were so small I couldn’t take a real bite of it, so Erik ate half of his piece and gave me the rest! *happy face* He is the best!
Alright folks well we are going to watch disc 2 of ER season 14, I hope everyone had a great Monday! 


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