Pool Day!

Hello blog friends! Today was yet another hot and humid day!  We woke up this morning and had a yummy egg sandwich breakfast, the usual, while Ella sunbathed in her normal Sunday morning spot:

After breakfast, Erik mowed the lawn while I went to Rite Aid and CVS and did my couponing for the week.  Oh boy did I get some good deals at CVS this week.  The Rite-Aid Deals weren’t the best but I still got some good deals:
I spent about $13 and got back $8, not too bad.  The CVS Deals were insane this week:
I saved $78 this week.  I got all of this stuff for $30 and got back $15 and a $10 Shell gas card.  WOOT.  Actually I also got these at CVS too:
Yup, twelve Gatorades for $9, unreal! That is what helped me get the $10 Shell gas card.  I really like going couponing on Sunday mornings, because all of the good deals are still available and I don’t have to worry about them for the rest of the week.  When I got home, we changed and headed to my mom’s house to have lunch and go to the pool!
For lunch we had Iranian bread, Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelon.  I failed to take a picture of it, but next time we have it I will and you can see the awesomeness.  It is something we like to have in the summertime because it is a light meal, and super easy to prepare.  All you have to do is cut up the veggies and watermelon and heat up the bread. Ahhh so good, I failed to mention that I have been craving this all week! 
We spent a good 4 hours at the pool before we got hungry again and headed home.  My mom, Ava and Lauren all came over for dinner and a movie.  It had started to rain so we knew our softball games were going to be cancelled, so we gave in and got Papa John’s Pizza for dinner.  Again sorry no pics.  After dinner we watched “Step Up 3”, and I am not ashamed to say it was a good movie, way better than the second one.  We love the step up series because of all the really cool dance moves! 
Alright folks, its bedtime! Ewwww tomorrow is Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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