Double XXL Burrito

No I didn’t write that incorrectly tonight for dinner Erik had two XXL Grilled Stuft Burritos:
Let’s step back… this morning I had to take my car to the dealership because the “fix me I’m broken light” came on.  I despise this light; it is the bane of my existence. My mommy picked me up from the dealership and took me to work, thanks mommy, but not before I realized that I had forgotten my backpack with my laptop and everything I need for work! Ugh, super frustrating! Instead of going home to get my stuff we drove to my mom’s house to get a computer mouse for my work computer (I have had this computer for a week, but the mouse they sent with my computer was the wrong one, so I have been using my own laptop).  I haven’t used a computer mouse with a ball in it since 1999, my how technology has changed.
Lunch today was glorious! I had lunch with my mommy again, this will be a weekly occurrence so just get used to it *happyface*, and we went to a little Greek Restaurant in Vienna called Plaka Grill.
We each got the “Chicago Gyro”,
And shared a side of Fries:
After lunch I went back to work and spent the rest of the day trying to set up all the programs I need on my work computer.  This was until I got a call from the dealership…
Yup, angry face, that “B” called me and left a message with a list of BALONEY that NEEDED to be done to my car. Let me give you the list…

  1. New front brake pads & Rotors  — $634
  2. Fix bubble in front tire– $370
  3. Steering fluid flush –$165
  4. Fuel Induction Service — $165 ß is this real?
  5. Rear Axle  Service (please someone tell me what this is) — $130
  6. Fix broken cup holder –$158
  7.  Alignment– $170
  8.  Coolant Exchange — $165

Again please refer to the above picture for my reaction. Needless to say I called them and told her that I thought the quote was ridiculous and that I wanted to pick up my car immediately.  I will never take my car back there again! My mom emailed me about 30 minutes later and said that she wanted to go home, so we left to go pick up my car.  They didn’t even care that I wasn’t going to get any service done there, but this time I WON because they totally washed my car for free! HA take that!
Dinner tonight was in fact the inspiration for the title of this post, we went to Taco Bell!
As I stated before, Erik had 2 XXL burritos, and I had one, they were most definitely double XL, so good!  The picture is misleading because we got the Steak burrito, not chicken, but I digress.  After dinner, one of my bestest friends in the whole world, Katie, came over to hang out.
Isn’t she super cute?! I love her. We had some wine:
And watched Pulp Fiction, it was glorious!  Well actually we are still watching it, so I am going to go play! YAY WEEKEND!


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