Weekend Round-Up

Hello blog friends!  Sorry I haven’t posted all weekend, but I have been really busy.  Friday as you know we decided to stay in and Katie came over (PS Katie started a Blog its super cute please check it out!) and we had some snacks and this:
Have you ever tried these? They are fabulous! They aren’t too bad for you either, a perfect light summer treat.
You know the fiasco I had with my car on Friday; well we got up Saturday morning and took my car to Manassas to a family friend who is going to fix my brakes for half the price! YAY.  After that we (me, Erik, my mom and sister) went to Eggspectations ,
because I had bought a restaurant.com coupon for $2! O M G this place was soooo good. My sister and I had a dish called “York around the Clock”
“A bagel cut in half, toasted then put on the grill, two eggs (sunny side) in the hole of the bagel, covered with bacon and melted cheese, served with grilled potatoes and chef’s fruit garnish.”
Fab! My mom had a veggie omelet:
And Erik had the “Smoked Salmon Benedict”:
Two eggs poached, smoked salmon, gruyère cheese with our classic hollandaise sauce.

It also looked really yummy.  He said it was good but not as good as the one at Restaurant 3, mainly because that one was so different (they used corn bread instead of an English muffin).  After that we went to Costco and got some things we need, and something we didn’t really need:
A new bed for Ella.  It was so cheap and we knew she would love it, so we just got it for her.  She has been curled up on her new bed all weekend, so it was a good purchase.  My mommy also gave me her first tomato off of her tomato plant:
Today we went to Eastern Market, to have lunch with our friend Philippe. We went to 7th Hill Pizza , it was glorious. I didn’t take any pictures of our meal, it was super hot and we were hungry.  But if you live in the area I highly recommend it.  After we ate, we went to Eastern Market to visit with Hyojon and his dad, they have a tent there go see them! And then headed over to Philippe’s house to hang out for a bit before dinner. 

I love them with all of my heart! Ah they are the cutest!  We then headed home to get ready for dinner at Erik’s parent’s house for Father’s Day dinner.  Earlier today we went and visited my dad at the cemetery, I miss him so so so much, and I really hope he is happy and healthy in Heaven.  I want to wish him and all the dads in the world a very happy Father’s Day.
Sunny and Diana made us some amazing (as usual) Korean BBQ for dinner. (no pics sorry) The twelve of us ate about 10 lbs of meat!  Well we almost finished it, there was 2 strips of meat left, we were STUFFED!  After dinner we enjoyed the weather and some Mint Moose Tracks, before heading home and hitting the sack! 

It was a glorious weekend, and now I can’t wait for next weekend! I hope everyone had a great weekend as well. I am off to bed!


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