No Motivation…

But I fought through it.  It was storming this morning and I had ZERO desire to go to the gym.  So I didn’t, I wasn’t feeling too well either, but I didn’t want to feel sluggish all day so I popped in the Core Synergistics workout! It felt really good to work out, so I am really glad I fought through my lack of motivation.
Lunch today was a turkey sandwich:
It was really good, and I am glad it was because yesterday we waited in the deli line at Giant for 20 minutes.  It was actually quite ridiculous; apparently everyone wanted to get deli meat yesterday.  Oh I forgot to mention when we got into work this morning we saw one of these crazy guys sitting on the patio outside our office:
It was quite an ominous way to start out the week. I am hoping that doesn’t dictate how this work week is going to go, ha! 

We had another birthday in the office today and they brought this:
ICE CREAM CAKE!  Really?! I will never, in my whole life be able to say no to ice cream cake. Never. That is all I have to say about that, other than the fact that I am really glad I did my work out this morning, ha.
Luke called me as I was leaving the office, and my car wasn’t ready yet, so both Erik and I went home so we could hang out with him.  We wanted to play tennis, but when we got to the courts they were full, and Luke just happened to have a basketball in his trunk (ps you have to see all the literal junk he has in his trunk).  We played a few games of HORSE, before heading back home.  We called Katie and all headed over to get Pho!  I got my usual #18 (chicken Pho, white meat) but was kicking myself because I wasn’t in the mood for soup and I should have tried something different.  Oh well we go there enough that I am sure I will try something new soon.
Well that is all for today. I hope everyone had a great day!

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