*Cue Rebecca Black song*

I love Fridays for 2 reasons.  #1 It’s Friday, which means the weekend is here, and #2 (best reason) I get to have lunch with my mommy!  AND from now on (since my sister is on summer vaca) she will be joining us on Fridays for lunch! Now if Erik could come with us for lunch that would be my perfect day!
This morning I decided to sleep in a bit, and well so did Ella:

AH she is so freaking cute.  It was really nice this morning, a bit humid but its summer in DC what do you expect, so after Erik left for work Ella and I headed out for a run.  Man I know I have said this before but it is so much harder to run with a dog, it’s alright though, she loved it and it made both of us happy.  I only ran 1.5 miles, but I did it in 14 minutes, so that is pretty good considering at the gym I can only manage a 10 min/mile. I think that might be a regular Friday morning activity, depending on the weather.
After our run I popped in Ab Ripper X and worked through that, before getting ready for the day.

*happyface* I picked up my mom and sister and we went to Cafesano again.

 This place is so good.  I decided to try something new this time, so I got the Turkey Pesto Wrap

This was really good, but not as good as the chicken pesto Panini I had last time.  Next time I go I want to try one of their pizzas.  Next Friday my mom won’t be able to go to lunch with us, so Ava and I are going to go to Flippin Pizza.  After we ate we walked outside the restaurant where there was a pretty lake:
There was a cute little family feeding bread to the geese and the one lonely turtle:

Can you see him?
For dinner tonight I made Trader Joe’s beef and Broccoli:

It was quite delish, and super easy to make.

After dinner we headed over to Sunny and Diana’s house for a movie and SUNDAE night!!!! I looove ice cream.

Sunny and Diana also sold their house back in St. Louis so we had a little bubbly to celebrate:

Yum yummy yum.  And now that I am in a food coma I am off to bed.  YAY weekend!

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