I go through phases where I am really into reading or working out or cooking.  I can never be consistent and do everything in moderation and eventually I am totally burned out and don’t want to do said activity again.  I need to work on that.  The reason I say this is because 2 days in a row I have skipped the gym in the morning to read.  I’m not saying I won’t go to the gym again, but right now, I would rather use my mornings to read.
 I finished the second book of the Hunger Games series this morning, so skipping the gym was a good idea. It was really good, I did have trouble getting into this book at first, but starting on page 173 it got really interesting and I couldn’t really put it down. I am now starting on my next book:
I know it looks super lame but I am a hopeless romantic and I love the other three books, so here is the last one! I started reading the series after Erik and I got engaged and fell in love with the quartet.  Currently I own 16 physical (not kindle) books I have to read, before I can buy any other books on my kindle. The problem is, I love my kindle… It is so much easier to read outside where the sun is glaring on the pages, honestly its fantastic.  Sunny and Diana bought me a book on my kindle for my birthday so I may just switch back and forth from reading physical books and books on my kindle. Hmmm yes I think that is a good plan…
I also realize that I don’t think I am drinking enough water:
This picture was taken around 2pm, and that is all the water I had all day! FAIL.
So lessons learned today, do everything in moderation and drink more water. Awesome!

I had the same mixed cereal as I did yesterday, and when I got to work we had leftover bagels from yesterday and OJ:
I can’t pass up bagels, mmm carbs. I had a peach and some fresh cherries my mom and sister picked from the orchard this weekend, as snacks:
Yum! Sour cherries are the

was leftover spaghetti from last night, no need for a repeat picture. And for dinner tonight we went over to my mom’s house for some yummy Iranian food.  I tried to take some pictures, but then realized that there are some foods that just don’t look appealing in photographs.
Tonight’s dinner was rice with a carrot sauce
This is a picture I found online.  My goal this summer is to learn how to cook Iranian food.  I always say I am going to do it, but it’s on my 101 in 1001 and this summer seems like the perfect one to learn.
Well folks I feel a headache coming on, I am going to go watch tv and fall asleep! I hope everyone had a great day.


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