Friday with Friends!

Hello blog friends, this is going to be a quick post with lots of pictures. 
You know that Friday’s are lunch dates with my mom, but this week she had to go to Largo, MD for work, so it was just me and my sister at lunch today!  We went to Flippin Pizza:
oh man this pizza was so fantastic. The crust was super thin, and they use all natural ingredients! Can’t get any better than that, unless you make it at home, hehe.  Just look at how cute those little pepperonis are. After we ate, we walked down to the lake, where we saw this super awesome floating platform:
This is a genius invention, if we ever buy a lake house I want to build one of these.
We got out of work a bit earlier today, since it’s a holiday weekend, so I headed home and got ready for our picnic.  We were going to go eat by the lake near our house, but then decided it would be more of a hassle to move everything down there, so we invited everyone over to our house. Katie brought over the mac and cheese:
We had hot dogs, mac & cheese, and potato salad (from Wegman’s):
oh ya and my favorite beer ever, Dogfish head:
After we ate, Erik made a HUGE fire:
and we roasted marshmallows again,
for some life changing smores:
yup this time we used Peanut butter cups in addition to instead of Hersey’s chocolate. After that we went bowling! (sorry for the dark pictures)

And as you all know, what happens at midnight, we go to Honey Pig:

oh man I have been wanting to go here for about three weeks now. A little late night “snack”. I will need to go for a run tomorrow, that is for sure!
Well folks, that is all for me! Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday with Friends!

  1. Tara says:

    That looks like the best smore ever!!! I haven't had smores in ages, but next time I do I'm definitely going to try it with a peanut butter cup. I used dark chocolate peanut butter once and it got all liquidy and delicious. It was heavenly!


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