Uncle Sam Jam!

Hello blog friends! Man after last night’s festivities I am pooped, but I know today is going to be really fun!
We got up early today and headed to the pool to get some sun and hang out with an old friend *happyface*.  After the pool we came home and really thought about cleaning the house, but realized we had ZERO time so we pushed it back (yet again).  We played with Ella for a little while before heading to National Harbor for Uncle Sam Jam.
We had gotten discounted tickets from Living Social a few weeks back, and we were looking forward to hearing Pat McGee Band. National Harbor has this sand area that has a statue of a person buried in the ground with some it’s limbs sticking out, super weird.
This picture has the thigh of the statue in it. We had such a great time,
We went with Sunny and Diana, but I just realized that the picture we took of the four of us is on her phone, so you will just have to trust me that they were also there.  There were TONS of people who showed up,
All these people are waiting to hear Pat McGee Band play! The coolest part of all of this was that, Pat McGee used to be Erik and Diana’s swimming coach when they were little!  
They had lots of food trucks, one of which being Famous Dave’s,
Oh man this Pulled Pork sandwich was thebomb.com. I really love this picture, Erik says it looks like a professional picture, and that really made me happy. I am really trying to take better pictures!  Eventually I want to get a nice SLR camera, but I think that is something I will maybe ask for next year for my birthday, hehe.  We also saw this:
Super cool lime green Camaro. It was like the green version of Bubble Bee, haha. It was such a beautiful night:

Alright folks that is all for me. I will leave you with this stunning image
Ben and Jerry’s Double Fudge Brownie kid’s cone! YUM best way to end a great day!

One thought on “Uncle Sam Jam!

  1. Chroang says:

    The statue in the sand is call "The Awakening", it used to be at Hains Point in DC but they relocated to the National Harbor. There were a bunch of them at Hains Pt but not sure why they only have at National Harbor.


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