Happy 4th of July!

I love it when holidays fall on either a Monday or a Friday!  We had another early morning today!  We literally got out of bed, showered, changed, and headed out the door. We headed back to DC to Philippe and Oriana’s house for breakfast:
Oriana made us French toast!  But it was different than any other French toast I have ever had. She used potato bread instead of regular sliced bread. WOW let me tell you, fab! We never make French toast, we are more waffle people, but I will be making French toast like this again!
After breakfast, we headed to the Nat’s game!
Our seats were high up there, but it was awesome because we were in the shade the entire time! Yes! But of course because it was SO hot I had to cool down with a nice beer.  Towards the end of the game I bought Erik some French fries, but didn’t get anything for myself, so I was starving when we left. We got home and took Ella for a walk before heading over to Erik’s parent’s house for another BBQ dinner! Mmmm summertime is all about using the grill!
We had some amazing burgers, corn, and potato salad!
Sorry for the blurry pictures. We called it an early night and headed home to hang out with Ella for a few hours before heading to bed.  There were tons of people setting off fireworks in our neighborhood, so we took Ella and sat outside and watched our neighbors across the street.  I didn’t think Ella was scared of fireworks, but once they started setting them off, she was terrified *sadface*. She was shaking and trying to run inside.  We headed back inside and veg-ed out for the rest of the night. 

A great end to a fabulous weekend! See you guys tomorrow!


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