Waste of Money, and a broken waffle maker :(

Hello friends! A few things I didn’t post last night because I didn’t want to make the post longer than it already was.  So I don’t know if you have ever heard of Shnoop.com but they have one crazy deal a day, and usually they are pretty sweet.  Well in the past they have sold these things called “Mystery Boxes” and my friend Luke got one and said it had some pretty cool things in it.  Well a few days ago they had another one of their “Mystery Box” sales, and so I bought one.  I cannot believe the amount of JUNK that was in it:

Needless to say I was NOT happy with what I got. I mean look at this thing:

It has to be from 1957, who even uses one these?! And honestly I have NO IDEA what this thing is:

Or who even uses these things:

Ugh sorry, I was annoyed that I wasted $10 on this.  Lesson learned, “Never listen to Luke”.  Yea I am blaming him.  Anyway, I was super excited for breakfast this morning:

Ultimate cereal combo! Oh Oatmeal Squares and Honey Nut cheerios how I have missed you! I added half a banana to this after I took the picture.   For lunch today I made myself a veggie wrap!

Chili Pepper Humus, cucumbers, cheddar cheese, spring mix and red peppers on a whole wheat wrap/tortilla. I had some super delish grapes on the side:

Oh man this was so good I am going to make this for the rest of the week, well really tomorrow and Thursday!  The next step in making this healthier is to make my own humus! I’ve tried making it before but I couldn’t get the taste right, I will have to try again.

Tonight was breakfast for dinner night, our favorite dinner, and we were making our waffles, bacon and eggs when we noticed that our waffle maker wasn’t working correctly.  We gave it a few more minutes to see if it would cook the waffles but no, it was broken! We did manage to get one set of waffles out of the maker before it died.

While the waffles tasted great, they were, just like our spirits, deflated *sad face*.  We haven’t even had this darn thing for that long, yes we use it every other weekend and we have had it for two years, but COME ON! I decided I was going to make myself a breakfast burrito to go along with my sad sad waffle:

mmm at least the burrito made up for the lack of waffle. 
Alright I am beat.  I decided to change up the 10k training schedule, I will tell you about it tomorrow, and thanks Tara for your advice, I will definitely be emailing you for help!

One thought on “Waste of Money, and a broken waffle maker :(

  1. Lauren says:

    Yeah, I learned my lesson to never listen to Luke last year!!!That's really poopie about the waffle maker, total lame sauce!!!I hope the rest of the week goes well though! 🙂


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