As if it wasn’t bad enough

Today I get to work and my hard drive on my computer crashed!
 I had JUST finished writing most of our “Rules” for the computer program we are working on yesterday and now it’s all gone, two months of hard work…. Gone….. First our waffle maker now my computer at work….just breathe
As I mentioned yesterday, I have modified my 10K training schedule:
I think this works out better because I know I won’t get out and run on the weekends most of the time.  So in keeping up with my training this morning I took Ella out for a 1.5 Mile run.  I could have actually kept going but Ella needed to use the bathroom, if you know what I mean, and I wasn’t too keen on running with a bag in my hand (although I tried it for about 0.2 seconds, ew). I am pretty excited to keep up with this. My friend Erin asked me yesterday if I wanted to run a half marathon with her in November.  I really want to do this, but I don’t know if I can!  I would have to change up my training schedule again, I mean I could train for a half marathon and run my 10K 3 weeks before, might be doable. I told her I would think about it.
Well last night we got a nice package in the mail:
NEW COFFEE MUGS, ah the little things in life that make me so happy. Obviously mine is the pink one, ha.  Our old mugs leaked all the time and mine didn’t fit into the cup holder in my car.  But guess what:
This one does!!!  I was happy until I got to work and had to spend the entire day trying to fix my computer.  While we were trying desperately to recover my hard drive, I had one of these:
which brought a smile to my face! I think I like the mango one better.  Tomorrow I will try the green Machine one, although it’s literally green and looks funny. 

Lunch today was another veggie wrap:
Are you getting tired of looking at these?! haha. They are delish, I put avocados in this one!  After work, I went to my mommy’s house and picked her up so we could take a little trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Guess what I got:
Yup a new waffle maker!  Our house felt lost and lonely without a working waffle maker, so I had to get one.  My mom and I also found these pretty wall flower cone-y things:
On clearance! WOOT. So I got two of them, and put them up:
They match perfectly with the colors of our main level!  It’s really weird when we first bought our house I was terrified, because I had NO idea how to decorate it.  I thought, I will never be able to find things that match and look good, but guess what I did!  Somehow everything just fell into place.  So if you have decoration anxiety never fear, somehow, things just happen to fall into place, and you find the most perfect things for your house when you aren’t really looking!
Anyway, sorry had to get that out there!  For dinner tonight we made burgers, sweet potato fries and tater tots!
This was the last of our tots, which means I need to make a trip to Trader Joe’s STAT!  Alright that is all for me tonight! 

3 thoughts on “As if it wasn’t bad enough

  1. Tara says:

    I haven't had waffles in forever! I need to break my waffle iron out.. it's getting a little dusty! i think it would be awesome if you did that half marathon, but it would require a lot more training. Go with your gut! You are capable of doing it, it's just whether you want to or if you are ready to. There's nothing wrong with short distances!

  2. Dorsa says:

    Brenda that is weird haha, it was sooo good!Thanks Tara. I am still trying to decide. I think I need to look up some training for a half marathon and see if I can do it. I reeeeaaaallly want to do it, I just don't want to fail!


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