Waiting around

This is how we all spent most of the weekend. 

(these are growing in our yard)
After my accident on Friday, we did a few things around the house yesterday, but for the most part we relaxed. Erik washed his car while I attempted to do some laundry.. bleh my shoulder really hurts, so I couldn’t do much.   We went to World Market this weekend and got some amazing Jumbo Mugs!

Aren’t they awesome?  We used them earlier to eat our fruit salad out of. We ended up going to Eastern Market this morning to get some fruit.  I was completely useless, because I couldn’t carry much.  Hopefully I will heal quickly!  I might have to go see a doctor though.  We are still waiting to see what the other lady’s insurance company says, then I will be able to get a rental car, until then I am driving my sister’s car (which has no AC).   For now.. more lounging around, I am not looking forward to driving into work tomorrow. 
I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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