Some good news and Delicious Pizza

Hello friends!  I could not sleep last night!  I was in so much pain; unfortunately I also kept Erik up most of the night.  I will definitely need to take pain medication tonight if the pain doesn’t go away.  Because I was in pain when I got out of bed I could not go to the gym as I had planned to *annoyed*, instead when I got home from work I took Ella for a long *hot* walk.  She loved it and it was nice to get out and move around a bit.
After putting lunches for the day I had my yummy cereal combo in our new jumbo mugs:
Yum yum, although I am out of bananas, which I totally forgot to get at the store this afternoon, *darn*.  My lunch today was a smart one frozen meal, I know they are terrible for you, but I was not in the mood to make lunch this morning.  I also talked to my insurance lady today to ask her what was going on with the other lady’s insurance company.  Long story short she had told me they might be trying to fight the claim because the lady said I was “really moving.”  What does that even mean, especially to an 80-year old woman!? Ugh, needless to say I was really upset, and really stressed out.  Well, 10 minutes after I got off the phone with my insurance lady, Statefarm (her insurance) called to inform me that they have accepted full blame for the accident!!!!!!!!!!! YES!  *enter lots of dancing and smiling*.  The only negative is that they only make one lump payment for medical, loss time from work, pain and suffering, etc, and I am hoping I don’t need surgery, because I really don’t want to pay for all of that up front and wait for a check.  My car insurance will cover my expenses up to a certain dollar amount but I have no idea how much surgery would cost.  I am really trying not to worry about that until I have to deal with it, in 6 weeks. Anyway enough of that for today, onward to some delicious pizza we made for dinner tonight:
After work I headed to Trader Joes and got our ingredients, o.m.g their crust is amazing and only 99 cents! Sunny and Diana came over for dinner, and Diana helped/ chopped all of the veggies for our pizzas.  We made a pesto, tomato, chicken, basil, mozzarella one:

This is pre-oven.
And a chicken sausage, onion green pepper one:
Also pre-oven.

They were sooo good!

I had to put them back in the oven after these pictures, because they weren’t quite done yet. But the wait was so worth it!
At Trader Joes, I got a little dessert also:

This is a cranberry, orange spice crisp… or something like that; it also had apples in it haha.  It was fantastic! Honestly everything from Trader Joes is amazing.
Alright well it is time for bed!  I hope everyone had a great day!
Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?– For me its Trader Joe’s all the way!

5 thoughts on “Some good news and Delicious Pizza

  1. Katie says:

    WOoooohoooo. I am super happy that the insurance company took responsibility. Maybe they know that the old woman may not have had the best perception. P.S. When can we make awesome pizza together?!

  2. Tara says:

    Yaaay I'm glad you don't get responsibility! The insurance company got it right 🙂 woohoo!I like whole foods better, but it's close. It just comes down to the fact that it's bigger and there is a hot bar. I still love my TJ's though! I actually had a premade salad there for breakfast yesterday since we were on the go and I love their to go selection!


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