Workout Fail!

Hello friends! I woke up feeling pretty good today, not much pain, and an ok amount of sleep (it’s still hard for me to sleep without pain *sad*). But today I decided to give the gym a shot, and it was an epic fail.  The physical therapist said I can do any activity I want as long as it doesn’t hurt my shoulder… ok… so I thought “hey the elliptical is supposed to be super low impact let’s try it out.”  I only lasted 9 minutes, before I semi- fell off.  I had to hold my shoulder in place so it wouldn’t move (super awkward), and I don’t really know what happened, I suppose I was just thrown off balance, but I slipped and semi fell off.  After recovering from the shock/horrific pain my shoulder, I decided I should probably stick to the recumbent bike.  I read my book, the last Hunger Games book in the series, and rode 10.5 miles before we left.  Ugh, I left the gym feeling like I had failed and I was in a lot of pain.  I know it has only been a week (barely) since my accident, but I am ready for the pain to go away, so I can get back to normal activities.
I also received the police report in the mail today, and it showed that the police issued the other lady a ticket!  I really feel bad for her, but I am glad they won’t be able to argue that it was 100% her fault.  Tomorrow we will know the status of my car!
Alright onto some food! Breakfast, cereal combo, yum:
Are you getting tired of it yet? Sorry I love this stuff!  For lunch today I had leftover pizza from last night, and it was just as good!  I can’t want to make more.  I had my second physical therapy session today, and it went really well. I wouldn’t say that I am making progress just yet, but at least I feel like I am doing something to avoid surgery.  After my session I came back to work and the company that owns the building we work in had a nice ice cream social, so I decided to indulge myself:
I went all out, mint chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and peanuts!
This made my day! It’s ok you can be jealous, I would be too! 

For dinner we had planned on going into DC to celebrate our friend Joanna’s birthday, but I was in so much pain we decided it was best if we stay home.  My mom and sister came over and we had burgers and tater tots!

My mom had gotten some organic burgers from Costco and she wanted to try them.  We never get pre-made burger patties, I like to add a lot of spices and yummy things to my burgers, but we gave it a try.
Verdict: not that great.  The meat wasn’t very flavorful, and they were too thin.  But what the burger lacked, the tots sure made up for!
Alright that is all for me today! Hope everyone had a great day!

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