New Car and Lunch with my Family Friday

Hello friends!

Sorry I have been really behind on blogging, things have been really busy over here!  Let’s start with Thursday:

I had physical therapy again on Thursday and just when I think I am improving, I realize that my range of motion is still horrible.  I had one of the physical therapists stretch my shoulder out today, and she was trying to see what my limits were, and let me tell you I was in pain.  I have therapy three times again next week because my shoulder is still very sensitive. I am hoping with another week of physical therapy I will start feeling a bit better.

On my way back from therapy I stopped at a little deli called Pica-deli for a sammich:

This was SO GOOD.  There was a poppyseed dressing in there, that made this pita Amazing!  I will most definitely be going there again!

After work we all headed over to the dealership to continue our car shopping adventure. I am happy to say that I found our new family car:

We really got an amazing deal on this car, and it is just so freaking cute.  I really like the way BMW’s drive so I couldn’t stay away from them. I can’t wait to drive it to work on Monday!



YAY today was lunch date day!  My entire family came to lunch today (minus Erik *sad*).

We took them to Vapianos!  My mom and I really love this place!
Aren’t my mommy and her sissy so cute πŸ™‚ eeeek I love it!  Alright folks, we are getting ready to drive down to Richmond to say with our friends Brandon and Erin, so that we can all go to Busch Gardens on Saturday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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