Technology hates me!

This is what I spent most of my day doing at work:

My computer works fine, but there is some weirdo windows installation thing going on.  This was a simple task, take out broken hard drive and replace with new one.  It was anything but simple.  Turns out, because I have two hard drives, things are a bit more complicated than they need to be. Perhaps this is why the company sends this:

you know just in case you have to take apart their machines 100 times in order for them to work correctly.  So until further notice, when we decide we want to deal with it again, I will be working with my machine looking like this:

why yes those are the hard drives of my machine sitting on my desk.  worthless…  At least for now the computer works.

In other technology failure news, I had to cancel the order for my new digital SLR camera, oh ya did you know I ordered one of those…  I called the company who was supposed to ship it out and they said they had no record of my order, say what?  So I called the company who took my order and they said ” oh sorry, for some reason the order did not go through, we will resubmit the order for you.”  To that I replied, ” No sir please cancel my order, I do not want to deal with your faulty online ordering system.” ( I should have added a nice GOOD DAY SIR, to it but I did not.)

It was just a rough day all around, because after my computer and camera issues, I headed to physical therapy.  I really love my therapists, they are awesome at what they do and they are super nice… well they are nice until it comes time to stretch…. Amy wanted to see how much progress I have made over the last what is it now almost 4 weeks, so she pushed me a little today.  And by a little I mean, I have taken 800 mg of IBprofen and am sitting with an ice pack on my shoulder.

I asked her whether she thought I would be better off just having the surgery or continuing with therapy, and she was just as up in the air on that as I am.  I am just frustrated.. really really frustrated.  I also have lost all motivation to go to the gym (any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated).  Since my accident, I haven’t been able to do the things I want to do, and it is driving me up the wall.  Sorry had to vent…..

Luckily, my family is a great source of my happiness.  So instead of going to the gym, we have been hanging out with my family a lot.  We have a wicked fun weekend planned, and I just want it to be here already! I promise I will take more pictures…

I hope everyone had a great day!

2 thoughts on “Technology hates me!

  1. Tara says:

    We all have days like this, where everything seems to go wrong. I promise that for every day like this, there are TWO days where everything will go according to plan — or at least two days where you won't feel like the world is working against you. I really hope your shoulder situation improves. Injuries are so hard to deal with mentally and physically, oh and our wallets take a toll too!

  2. Debbie says:

    I say stick with therapy a little longer, and don't push yourself too hard!! The gym will wait for your return when you are ready. Feel better 🙂 you love and are loved!!! That's what it's all about!!


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