Weekend recap

Hello friends!

Sorry I am a bit behind on my blogging, with my family being in town the weekends are usually jam packed so I don’t have any time to blog. After staying up until 2am Friday night, it was really hard for us to get up Saturday morning but we did. We were up by 8am, a quick shower, then headed off to my mom’s house so my cousins and sister could get their stuff ready to go to the waterpark.

My best friend Jamie from my old job was having a birthday party for her two kids and we were all really excited to go.  We arrived at the park and realized that the water park area was meant for little kids, so my family decided to play a game of mini golf, while I hung out and chatted with Jamie and her family.  It was so great to catch up with her, we don’t get to see each other anymore because we live so far apart :(, but we have been and will continue to make an effort to hang out with each other more.

Jamie ordered a super cute cupcake cake for her kids:

and the cupcakes were really good!  We sang happy birthday and gave them presents before the huge storm rolled in.

Later that night, we headed back to Ultra Zone and played Laser tag from 8pm to around midnight.  There were some pretty interesting characters at the laser tag place. And by interesting I mean, there were a group of 30something year old guys there who were really (really) into laser tag, I have honestly never seen anything like it. After our 6th game we headed to Honey Pig!  We can’t get enough of this place! Our table looked exactly the same as it did last time, loads of people and loads of food.

Sunday we spent most of the day at the mall. My sister and I both needed to get new shoes for our cousin’s wedding and Farid needed to get a suit.

and while we were shopping for shoes the boys hung out and chatted:

Oh ya, I totally forgot to mention Sunday morning before we headed over to my mom’s house I went for a short run and it felt great!  It was only a mile, but I didn’t want to push it.  I wanted to see how my shoulder would react to me running again.  It felt great, no pain at all!  I don’t think I can take Ella out with me yet, but I will hopefully be able to go out and run again!

At the mall we had some delish Five Guys for “lunch” (at 4pm), so when we got back to my mom’s house we just hung out and watched Aladdin! Then headed home for the night.

I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and a sore throat 😦 What a horrible way to start a Monday! I’ve been chugging these all day:

They are actually pretty good.  I hope the surge of Vitamin C will make this summer cold go away!  At work today they brought in some bagels, and since I had already eating breakfast I decided to save mine for lunch:

An everything bagel with veggie cream cheese, delish!

My cousins leave to go back to London tomorrow, so we all went out to Moby Dick for dinner. The kabobs here are pretty good, obviously nothing like my mom makes them at home but good for a “fast food” place.  I say fast food, because you order your meal at the counter and they call your number to pick it up, aka no waiters.

Alright I am beat, I am going to go to bed and try and fight off this cold! Have a great night!

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