Vancouver Day 1

Hello friends!  This is the start of our vacation recap, I won’t do a post for each day (that would take way too long), but I do believe certain days deserve their own post…. especially the first one/two.

We left for the airport on Friday the 19th, for our flight at 5pm, getting there with plenty of time to doodle around, get iced coffee and what not. Two hours into our plane ride, all the flight attendants, started running up and down the aisles saying, ” we need to collect all of the beverages and food we just gave out”.  When I say running I literally mean running.  I don’t know about you but I personally do not like to see flight attendants in a panic when we are thousands of feet in the air.
The captain comes on the speaker and says, ” Sorry folks but we need to make an emergency landing in Charlotte, NC, it seems that some of the hydraulic systems on the plane are not working correctly”… 
Me- Excuse me, did you say emergency landing?!?!?! Oy! *panic sets in*
Captain- ” It should be a pretty normal landing, but you will see lots of emergency vehicles around the plane, but there is nothing to fear, that is a precautionary measure.” 
Me- *still panicking*
The captain wasn’t lying tho, I don’t know if he was just really good at what he does, or if it really wasn’t that big of an issue, but the landing was relatively normal.  He did have to apply the breaks a little more intensely than I would have liked but we landed safely and I could not wait to get off the plane.
Obviously we had a major problem, you see, we were on our way to Phoenix to catch a connecting flight to Vancouver… we obviously were not going to make that flight.  After getting off the plane we ran to the ticking counter to see how we were going to get to Vancouver.  The lady at the ticketing counter told us the next flight out to Phoenix was not until 9am the next morning, then we would be able to get on a flight to Vancouver at 8pm… No thanks, please keep looking….
She ended up finding us a flight to Toronto, where we would stay the night at a hotel, and fly out the next morning. Cool we will take that one thanks!  I asked the lady at the counter if we had to pick up our bags when we got to Toronto or if they would just go straight to Vancouver and she told me we didn’t have to worry about the bags, awesome!
*huh I thought we were going to Vancouver*

Well we got into Toronto around Midnight, and I suggested we go to the baggage claim to make sure our bags were on their way to Vancouver and not sitting there waiting… sure enough there they were, good thing I didn’t listen to her…  It took the Toronto US airways lady about 2 hours to get us a hotel voucher, and by then it was already 2am and we had to be back at the airport at 6…. In hindsight we probably should have just slept at the airport, but we went to the hotel anyway and got a couple of hours of sleep before heading back to the airport.
oh wait, but not before another fiasco, you see the shuttle from the hotel to the airport ran every 30 minutes, and when we got down to the lobby to get to the shuttle it was already full of pilots and flight attendants….AHHHH. We really thought we were going to miss our flight. Luckily I yelled at a few people, ( do not mess with me after only 3 hours of sleep, and an emergency landing), and we hopped into two taxis and made our flight!
We picked up our car and headed over to the apartment we were staying in, in downtown Vancouver.  It was a really nice day in Vancouver.

Pretty blue skies, and some cool buildings along the way.

We settled into our apartment, and headed over the Lion’s Gate Bridge

to have some lunch:

The kabobs were pretty good here, not as delish as my mom’s cooking but not bad for a restaurant.
After lunch we headed over to a shopping center that was having a really cool antique car show:

and grabbed a few food items at the Whole Foods, while gazing at the pretty flowers.

before heading to a family’s friends house for the evening.  A lot of people in West Vancouver live on a hilltop with amazing views of the city:

We took advantage of the nice day and the pretty views..

It was a very hectic start to our vacation, but now that we have been through it we can laugh about it!
Alright that is all for today, more tomorrow!

One thought on “Vancouver Day 1

  1. Tara says:

    Oh my goodness, that sounds waaay to stressful! I can't stand how unpredictable flying can be. At least you were smart enough to check and make sure your bags were headed in the right direction! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip – the views look amazing! It's a place I've always wanted to see!!


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