Vancouver Part 2

Before I get started with part 2 of Vancouver I want to take a minute to share a great website with you guys! Have you ever heard of The Clymb? This site has great outdoor gear for crazy good prices. You all know how much I love a good deal 🙂 haha. If you sign up for their deals through this link you will receive a $10 credit, and who doesn’t love free money 🙂

Also I would like to share some of yesterdays grub:

My super yummy and healthy lunch 🙂

All mixed up. I only used about half of the Coconut chili dressing because it was super spicy, but so yummy.

This is my first ever Mojo Bar and I loved it!  I went to Trader Joe’s again last night and bought a few more.

And I thought this little birdy was super cute, I saw him on my drive home yesterday!

ok back to our regularly scheduled post:

Day 3 we headed out to Stanley Park, and took some really wonderful pictures.  The following pictures are all from Beaver Lake:

I had a nice standoff with a black squirrel.  He was actually really cute. I won, because after about a minute he ran away! haha, and I sat in the Tree chair.

After we walked around Beaver lake, we drove around Stanley Park and got out of the car when we were near the bay.

The weather was amazing and the clouds were even cooler!

After doodling around Stanley Park we headed back across the Lions Gate Bridge to have a picnic in the park.  My cousin was still a little tired from our crazy trip up to Vancouver,

but woke up promptly when the food was ready

I took some pictures while my sister took pictures of me haha. 
We all then took turns changing in our minivan to head over to my cousin, Niusha and Niaz’s house. I hadn’t seen my cousins in yearrrrrs, and it was so amazing to finally get to see them.  My cousin, Niusha (in the purple) was the one who’s wedding we were there to attend!

We got to see some pretty amazing views from their 11th floor condo!

Day 4 was a rainy one, so we decided it was a great opportunity to do something indoors.  So we headed back to Stanley Park and went to the aquarium.  I really don’t think I have ever been to an aquarium, but I could be wrong.  If I had, I was probably too young to actually appreciate the beauty.
My best friend Bethany can probably tell you the names, species and what all these animals like to do in their free time.

These little snakey worm things were awesome. They would come up from the sand when there was food approaching them.

I obviously had to take a picture of Nemo.

And a giant sea turtle

and some really cool jellyfish

In the aquarium they also had a rain forest section set up, it was really humid, but the animals were free to fly and move about as they pleased, it was really cool:.

We got to see an outdoor show of the baby beluga

and three active dolphins

along with this really awesome sea lion who was showing off for us in order to get some treats. There was a little girl sitting in front of the window with coffee and he kept putting his nose up to it and dancing around, hilarious!

Scuba Steve was also there:

and some really cool pics of plant life:

cute little poisonous tree frog, no big deal:

Creepy looking crocodile

along with many other unidentified animals:

haha, we had a great time!

Alright enough picture bombardment for one day! Have a great day!

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