Must get back on Track!

Hello friends!

I was doodling around with my pocket calendar ( I know totally old school)

when I realized that my first 10K is in 7 weeks! Since my accident, I haven’t been 100% on track with my training, but I really need to kick it into high gear and get on track. Since I really can’t lift weights right now, I have decided to incorporate some of the P90x videos into my training. I am a bit behind… Monday I was supposed to run 2.5 miles ( I only did 2), and today I am supposed to run 2 (I didn’t go to the gym this morning), but I am hoping the rain will hold out for a little bit this afternoon so I can get my 2 miles in for the day. Friday is my long run day (3 miles this week), I hope I can do it!

Depending on how this 10K goes, I have been thinking about running my first half marathon in March. ย I know I will have plenty of time to train for it, if I choose to do it. ย And there should be plenty of time for me to recover if I have to have shoulder surgery. ย Maybe I am letting this injury hold me back too much, but I hate living in limbo….. If I have to have the surgery just get it over with already so I can move on with my life… I have been in this state of limbo for almost 8 weeks now, and I am tired of it.

Alright well that is all for today, I hope everyone has a great day!

Should I run a half marathon?


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