Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

Seriously… enough…

That is what the view was like ALL day yesterday from my office.. It took Erik 2 hours to get home last night… YUCK. It didn’t take me quite as long but I don’t have to get on 495 to get home.  The roads in Reston were and still are flooded.  Did I mention it is still raining?!

These are all pictures from last night, there were rivers running down our street. No lies. 


Oh yes our fireplace was also leaking.  I did some cool MacGuyver shinanagings to prevent the water from spreading to our hardwood floors.

yup I am cool.  Each of those “buckets” had about an inch of water in them this morning.

While I was waiting for Erik to come home, I made some delish dinner. Homemade chicken tenders, mushroom risotto, and broccoli.

They were Parmesan crusted chicken tenders. They were pretty good. I baked them so I suppose they are a better option than the deep fat fried ones at restaurants.

Alright well that is all for today, hopefully this rain stops soon.




2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, GO AWAY

  1. Tara says:

    I am not a big fan of the rain at all. It’s such a pain! Screws up traffic, screws up my runs, screws up my electricity… i’m sooo done with it! Luckily we haven’t gotten it in a few days — hoping it clears up for you soon!


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