Tea for Two, yes please!

Hello friends!

Guess what I had for lunch again today:

Yup I can’t get enough.  Which is why I am so very sad that this was my last Chobani for the week.  I will be stocking up at Costco this weekend, don’t you worry.  I was waiting around again all day for a phone call to schedule my surgery, when I decided to finally email the scheduling lady.  She told me they were very behind and that she would give me a call no later than Monday to schedule it.  Oh well, at least I know they aren’t just ignoring me.  Good right?

I got home from work and had NO idea what I wanted to make for dinner.  I have been trying to hold out until Monday to go the grocery store, because I know we will be running around all weekend so I won’t have much time to cook.  After opening and closing the fridge 100 times to see if anything new magically materializes (does anyone else do this?), I finally decided on chicken stir fry.

I added two eggs for a little more added protein and served it over some Brown Rice noodles, and it was so good.  I had bought these organic brown rice noodles from Giant a while back and was scared to try them:


They were actually really good for the flavor and texture I was going for in my stir fry. I will most likely use them again for future stir fry related entrees.

This was the rest of my plan for last night

and that is just what I did.
and boy was it good!  Only one problem, our tea kettle smells funny, so instead of using that to boil the water I had to heat up the water in the microwave.  The water wasn’t as hot as it would have been out of a tea kettle so our tea was a bit weaker than normal:
But it was still a nice way to end a looong day. Hope everyone else (except Bethany) is enjoying the fall weather :)!
YAY it’s Friday! Any big plans for the weekend?– we are going to our friends house for a turkey fry and an outdoor movie! Then lots of chores and football!

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