Everyone Loves Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Yesterday after work I stopped at Trader Joe’s on my way home to pick up some much needed ice cream:

These are hands down the best ice cream sandwiches I have ever had.  I mean who wouldn’t want to combine TWO chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream and mini chocolate chips?  We rarely have ice cream in the house, and when I say rarely I mean once a year maybe?  These were in fact sublime, thank you Trader Joe’s for yet another product I am obsessed with. Try them, I swear you will love em!

Anywho, yesterday I had another Chobani (peach this time) and bear naked banana nut granola.

I am almost at the bottom of this bag… Must go to Giant and get more.  This past weekend when we went to Costco we bought some of their pre-made pulled pork, so guess what was for dinner last night:

A very lazy meal, haha.  All of this stuff was already made in our fridge, and I just bought buns and made sammiches.  Can’t beat it!

After dinner, we sat down and watched The King’s Speech.  We have had this Neflix movie for over two weeks and just haven’t had time to watch it.  It was a really good movie.  I also highly recommend it. I warn you, it is not full of action but if you want a really heartfelt story this is it.   Speaking of movies, ahhhh guess what HILARIOUS flick comes out on DVD today:


YES YES YES.  My wonderful friend Lejia JUST informed me that she has in fact purchased this movie for me this morning, and will be at my house tomorrow. And yes we have a date to watch it tomorrow.  🙂

Alright well that is it for this rainy Tuesday! I hope everyone has a great day!


What other flavors of Bear Naked Granola should I try?– I have only had the banana Nut one.

7 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Ice Cream Sandwiches!

  1. ahappybalance says:

    I had the Kings Speech for seriously 3 weeks before I finally watched it! I was also so busy and then when I would try to watch it, I would always be tired so I would end up falling asleep, haha. Finally watched it and I was glad I did!

    Ah, Bridesmaids was perfection. I love Kristen Wiig.

    • myrunningthoughts says:

      haha too funny. I guess I thought it was going to be one of those long drawn out “talking” movies, as I like to call them, but man was it good.

      Kristen Wiig is my hero. I wish I was as funny as her…. or even close to it haha.


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