Keepin it Classy

Hello friends!

As I said Tuesday my friend Lejia went to Target and bought Bridesmaids, and last night we had a date to watch it.  I think the more times I watch it, the funnier it gets. SOooo many great one liners.  Our lovely evening consisted pizza:

Obviously the Arugula Pizza from Trader Joe’s, cocktail franks (the boys wanted these):

And clearly we had to open and finish an entire bottle of Merlot:

Classy? I think so.  Don’t be fooled this is not a regular sized bottle of wine.. nope.. big one….empty! I believe Lejia and I drank most of this, but Erik and Hyojon had their fair share (I hope).   It was so nice to unwind after an unusually stressful first half of the week. Now for the rest of my eats today.

I probably have just enough left in the bag to last me the rest of the week, I am telling you this is the best snack I have found yet.  It is not only good for you, but it takes time to eat it, so you can trick your body into feeling it is full.

My lunch was leftover Veggie chili from Whole Foods.  I warn you now, you will be seeing more and more chili as a part of my weekly meals, it is just that time of year.  This year, rather than make the same chili every weekend, I am going to mix it up.  The new issue of one of my magazines (I can’t remember which one), has a perfect section of about 15 different types of chili.  I think I will start with one of those recipes Monday Night, when the Redskins beat up on the Cowboys. *So excited*

To continue with my chocolate obsession, I popped one of these bad boys in my lunch yesterday morning:

I love dark chocolate, and I love granola bars, therefore these are obviously perfect.

Delicious and only 90 calories.  And, yes my nail polish is already ruined… thanks for noticing.  And to round off my wonderful day of food:

My daily apple. If I wasn’t so lazy in the mornings I would cut these up and pack some peanut butter to dip them in…. oh well, maybe I will get my act together soon….

Alright that is all for today!  I hope everyone has a great day!


Have you ever finished a bottle of wine with friends in the middle of the week?

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