Hello friends!

Last night was a super lazy cooking night!  Erik was home earlier than usual and the sun was out (what????) so we took Ella for a nice long walk when I got home from work. *happiness*. I had no desire to cook last night so we had breakfast for dinner.

I cut up some tomatoes and green onions and sauteed them before I added the eggs.  Erik had his “omelet” with waffles, and I decided I wanted to turn mine into a breakfast burrito thing:

It was fantastic. The tomatoes I got from Trader Joe’s were out of this world, they were so ripe and so fresh, it really enhanced the meal.  Super easy, and super delicious.

After dinner, we cozy-ed up on the couch with our friend Samuel Adams

I really love the seasonal beers, and Octoberfest has got to be one of my favorites. Every time I have a Sam Adams I am reminded of our awesome trip to Boston.  Beer tours are amazing, and I have been thinking of starting a page on my blog with all the breweries I want to visit, so look for that in the next few days!

If anyone has any suggestions on where we should travel to let me know, I will put it on my list!

That is all for today, short and sweet, I am super excited for tonight, but you will have to check back tomorrow to see what we did!


What breweries have you been to? Where should we go?

6 thoughts on “Octoberfest

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh, man me and David were at Gordon Biersch last night having oktoberfest and marzen beers…deliciousss!!! 🙂

    I want fall now!

  2. paoang says:

    Ughhh breakfast for dinner is the BEST! And your scrambled egg burrito looks heavenly 🙂 Lazy nights in for the win!

    PS- Lookin’ out for October the 8th 😉


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